Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Photos by Barbara N

Dress: Marc Jacobs
Fishnets: La Perla (love these very similar ones for only $3.50!)
Boots: Ego Official
Bag: Fred Hayman Beverly Hills (Vintage)
Necklace: Aldo (old, similar)
Shades: Ray-Ban
Lippie: MAC Riri Woo (same as MAC's Ruby Roo Retro Matte Finish)

Disclaimer: I'm obsessed with trench/military inspired clothing.

New Job, a few new clothes and a new age (last month was my birthday). Took a much needed break from social media and loved it.
I've never much of an been an avid poster and social media addict, even my daily posts were getting too much for me. Too much pressure, too much competition, too much time. People often ask me why I do this, as in there is no point if you're not gaining thousands of followers or having free perks coming at you left and right. 
During my break, I did a lot of thinking and realized that I didn't miss the social media aspect of blogging, but just blogging itself. Shooting photos, finding the right location, deciding on themes, viewing and editing the photos, styling myself, my sister and others, and just the sheer confidence you build when you pose and pretend to act candid in front of the camera. That was what I missed.
And even though I took a break from the virtual world of fashion, the compliments never stopped  in IRL. People were still looking for styling inspiration: "I wish I could have your closet." Well, I love my closet for me, but the best way to help people who seek my fashion advice, the best gateway into my wardrobe without coming to my house, is through my blog. And that's why I can't give up this blogging hobby of mine. So I'm back.

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