Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Styled by Me: Barbara

(photos by me)

Jacket (old, simialr here) & Skirt (old, similar): Club Monaco
Tank: Mossimo
Boots: Asos
Choker: Laurie Fleming (old, try Etsy)
Hoop Earrings: Try Aldo
Lippie: Colourpop "LAX"

I've been meaning to try out this new segment on my blog called "Styled by Me," in which I ask some brave individuals to be my muse for a post. Most of us are very defensive of our style and no matter how much we care about being on trend or fashion-forward, our personal style is a very sensitive subject. I do not intend to change anyone or "dress them better," but I see this as more of a way to test my styling skills on people other than myself. And for my muses, they get somewhat of a celebrity treatment for the day. And the best part of it all is that the photo shoot and styling services are free! Haha. ;)
My first victim is my little sister Barbara! Mwahaha

The jacket and skirt are items I purchased a while ago for her, and the choker is borrowed from my jewelry stash. The rest is all hers. Styling Barbara is easy because she's used to me getting her things that I like and I know her style quite well. And though we do not have completely similar styles, she likes a lot of what I wear. Sometimes styling is a lot of convincing your client to go for what they like, because that can be very different from what they are used to/comfortable with. A good stylist will incorporate their client's style with their own, and make sure to find a nice middle ground. Think of all the great stylist you know out there, don't you see a hint of them reflected in their clients sometimes? 
Working with different body types is also where the real test is. It's easier to dress someone who has a similar body shape, but a true stylist is aware of what works for each body type. Barbara is a full figured woman, and this jacket does a great job of removing the focus from her chest. The chevron pattern of the skirt and the stripes on the jacket also distract the eyes to other areas, but the black and white basic palette prevent the patterns from being too busy.
The right chokers do a great job of framing the face and giving the appearance of a longer, more slender neck.
Barbara was happy with the look! Are you?


  1. I am , I love it! I knew I would because you are EVERYTHING.Your sis is fab, it clearly runs in the family!

    1. Awww, thanks style sis! I try, I try! <3

  2. You look beautiful in this styling.
    High heels perfectly matched.
    Share your post on my blog.
    Greetings and welcome to me.