Thursday, July 21, 2016

Manus x Machina

This scuba-knit and silk Chanel wedding gown, adorned with gold, crystal and glass on the buttons and medallion was my favorite piece. I'm sure it was everyone's including the curator, Andrew Bolton, as just like a haute couture fashion catwalk, it opened the exhibition. You could spot and arguably feel its halo-like aura as you approach the exhibit's entrance. Look at that detailing!

L to R: Flirty Dior, Prada and Marc Jacobs frocks.

More Chanel and Alexander McQueen floral-inspired dresses in soft pastel hues.

Another Chanel wedding ensemble. I could see this as the perfect outdoor, winter wedding dress, blending into the snow, yet standing out as floral miracles in the cold.

"Kaikakou" dress by Hussein Chalayan. 
This guy is a GENIUS at literally integrating mechanical machinery into his creations as opposed to using machinery to make them. You have to enter into this dress, much like entering a door and shutting it: the back component opens up in order for you to wear it. It is remote-controlled, and moves around like a robot. The best part of it is that the Swarovsky embellishments on the dress detach themselves and flutter into the air like butterflies! I've never seen anything like it!

Armor wear: another Chalayan robotic invention. The skirt to this dress can close to look more like the shift metallic number on the right, and the sleeves can move as well. 

Close-up of the fish scale sequin details on the Dior ballroom gowns.

I can usually spot an Alexander McQueen dress, and I love how Sarah Burton, in addition to the embellished fish-like scales, added tulle and feather-shaped silver sequins to pay homage to the furry creatures of the sky. She's got land, sea and the air covered all in one dress. So much creativity my mind can't handle it all.

More aquatic inspiration, this time from Yves Saint Laurent. I love how subtle the multicolored gradation peaks out of the sides of the dress. Almost as if this was taken from The Rainbow Fish himself. Can I have one of your scales too?

A Gareth Pugh coat made from plastic straws. The lighting of the display gives it a ghastly, erie appearance. The layering of the straws, heavy at the top and fewer at the bottom also produces a ombre effect.

A glistening Chanel dress littered with shimmery feathers.

A dazzling Saint Laurent feathered cape. 

Tiered, pleated, tulle, full-skirted Dior confections.

L to R: 3-D printed dresses by threeASFOUR and Iris van Herpen.

 Close-up of the tassel and feather details on a Balenciaga dress.


  1. You got some really great photos! Love it! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! It was fun having us all go together! :)