Friday, June 17, 2016

Hollywood Hike Fail

So...I tried to climb the hike up Griffith Park trails to the Hollywood Sign because I was told that it usually takes 1:45 minutes to reach the sign. For me, that was doable, even if I walked slow, I wouldn't mind spending two-ish hours climbing and another two back. That is, if I went on the RIGHT trail and didn't get lost. 
Well, I did the opposite. After an hour and a half of climbing, I started to wonder why I wasn't getting any closer to the sign, so I asked a man who was running if I was on the right trail. He told me that I was on the LONG trail, and still had about two more hours to go. 
I gave up.
So, in lieu of victory and mission accomplished pictures next to the sign, I only have some super far away ones to show for it. And a mini photo shoot back at my hotel. Next time, I'm going with someone who's actually gone on the trail!

Blouse: Alice McCall (old, love this option)
Skirt: Zara (old, similar)
Shoes: Vince Camuto (on sale, super comfy)
Bag; Ferragamo
Ring: Paula Mendoza
Sunnies: Valentino
Lippie: Mac "Fired Up"

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