Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mix & Match

(photos by Francis Nweji)

Sweater: Zara 
Crop Halter: Jean Paul Gaultier (old, similar)
Skirt: MSGM
Purse: Olympia Le-Tan (similar)
Shoes: Jimmy Choo (old, blue color combo)

Just a quick post about mixing and matching! I used old pieces to create a new outfit without spending a penny more! The sweater + halter combo and the skirt were from previous posts (see Dancing Shoes and Coco Shenanigans (NYFW)). This is why I emphasize on getting more separates. They are a lot more versatile than dresses! (Layering dresses with skirts/pants is also an option, but it's tougher to pull off.)

*P.S. The skirt, halter and sweater together are just $105.00! #NeverPayRetail


  1. Fun and Flirty! Love the skirt! xoxo Daphne


  2. you have fantastic style! you should think about doing more "how-to" posts. The key to your style ( so I believe) that could help so many others is 1. Your use of staple pieces and knowing what, where, and when to buy. 2. Your re-use of pieces in different and unexpected ways & 3. Your ability to carefully select the right designer/luxury pieces and how you incorporate them into your overall wardrobe. And actually 4. Your investment in affordable yet quality pieces ( not just forever21, zara, h&m) that support the designer pieces. The article titles are cute and clever too!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Christian! I'm so glad that you enjoy my "how-to" posts. I will definitely work on incorporating more of them on the blog! :)

  3. Gorgeous skirt!!!


  4. Love love love that skirt, and it looks so fun for twirling in! You seriously find the best deals, I'm always amazed :)

    xo Charlotte

  5. Thanks, Charlotte! I love to stalk sample sale blogs/pages, like Racked.com. They let you know where to get the best designer deals!