Friday, February 26, 2016

The Modern Twist on the Classic Shirt

The Modern Twist on the Classic Shirt

Far left: Looks from Monse's S/S 2016 Collection

The classic button down shirt is a closet staple, a wardrobe-must. Consequently, it's also quite stiffly and predictably boring. They're often associated with rigid office dress codes and can even illicit haunting grade school uniform flashbacks. This season though, designers seem to have given us new reasons to rock the cotton creation by transforming them into more sensual yet sophisticated shirts. They've managed to achieve ruching, pin-tucking, knotting, ruffling and cut-outs without making them look like the shell of mangled wrapping paper left over after an impatient child has uncovered his birthday present.
Relatively new label, Monse, stood out during NYFW with their off-the shoulder and asymmetrical renditions, while still inclusive of the shirts' distinctive buttons, cuffs, collars and sleeves.
And these cotton gems don't come cheap. I tried looking for more budget-friendly options, but they've sold out. Asos had a great open back version that is now sold out, but I would expect other high-street retailers like Zara and Nasty Gal to be adding some of their own takes on the trend.

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