Monday, November 16, 2015

Inspector Carmen

(photos by Francis Nweji)

Ugh, I hate that it gets dark so soon during the colder months! I like taking photos on Sunday after church, because I'm already dressed and made up and I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup just for photos. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but for me taking photos after church is just like getting two for the price of one. 
Anyway, by the time I get out of church, eat, and change my outfit, the sun begins to set! Hence, my photos don't come out as good as they should. As most photographers and bloggers know, the more natural sunlight, the sharper, brighter and more vivid the photos are. I was literally chasing the sun!
I am obsessed with this trench/cape coat combination. It's just so cool: I feel like Inspector Gadget and Carmen Sandiego at the same time! I wasn't too sure about not having a full cape at the back, but on second thought it may have been a bit too much. I also like that the waist belt adds some shape to the coat.
Its extremely warm, so don't worry about and draft from the open sleeves, just make sure you're actually wearing sleeves underneath!

Coat: White House Black Market (on sale!)
Boots: Stuart Weitzman (last season, similar here)
Hat: H&M

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