Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rosé and Cabernet

 (photos by Barbara Nweji)

Skirt: H&M (old, similar)
Bag: Celine (via The RealReal)
Brooch: Chanel (via eBay)
Lippie: Nars Train Bleu

Another lazy hair day, but a somewhat fancy attire day. The top is a simple, long sleeve tee, but the midi skirt adds classic sophistication to the ensemble. Don't you love the color combo? The top reminds me of rich red wine and the skirt of rosé. I had so much fun twirling in this skirt! The top and skirt together are under twenty dollars! 
I threw on these leopard print shoes to subtly switch-up the color scheme, yet I managed to still keep it in neutral. Brown-hued leopard print can stand out yet still be considered a neutral when applied in small doses.
As you can tell, I can't wait much longer for the fall. I do admit that it's a bit too soon and too warm, but, carpe diem! 

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  1. I reallllllly love this skirt! Such a classic look. That twirling photo is adorable :)