Friday, June 12, 2015

The Joker

 (photos by Francis Nweji)

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Jimmy Choo (sold out)
Fedora: Dad's
Brooch: Chanel (eBay)
Lippie: Riri Woo (sold out)

This outfit is inspired by the signature red, black and white colors on a Joker card. When I saw the dress, it immediately reminded me of these shoes, so I couldn't resist another matchy-matchy ensemble. 
I also debuted another way of accessorizing a brooch: wearing it on your hat (first seen here, also on my Instagram page). It adds instant glamour to your look, especially worn to the side. Steer away from placing it in the front or back center, it will come off obnoxious and tacky. I'm clearly obsessed with the brooch trend, which sort of exploded when Queen Bey and Riri rocked theirs on their Canadian "skirt-xedos." It sort of fizzled now, but not for me. 


  1. Um were those shoes and that dress made for each other?! lol. They're absolutely perfect together!!

    1. Right? I can't resist being matchy-matchy!