Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last Train to Paris

(photos by Francis Nweji)

Dress: Venus
Belt: Altuzarra (old, but very similar)
Bag: Kate Spade (similar)
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (identical)
Gloves: Amazon
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Necklace: Aldo (try Etsy)
Lippie: Ruby Woo (Retro Matte)

This post was inspired by three things: The Diddy Dirty Money Album, Chanel and Balmain. I recently downloaded the album on Spotify and I'm hooked all over again. I was obsessed with it when it was first released back in 2010 and forgot all about it when my iPod stopped working. Then I was brainstorming a blog post surrounding this dress and it all came together like magic. 
Its an overall very vintage feel, with the train in the back drop and all, which gives it a 1950s, WWII-era vibe. The quilted bag and leather, opera length gloves are a nod to Chanel, while the double breasted dress, chunky chain necklace and belt bow down to Balmain. Two Parisian Fashion powerhouses meet at one station. And nothing gets more classic than red lipstick. 
What do you think? 

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